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150 Motivational Happy Sunday Blessings Quotes, Sayings & Images

It’s Sunday, and that means it’s time for some motivational quotes to get you through the day. These happy quotes will inspire you and make you feel blessed.

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Short Inspirational

Spend a blessed Sunday and thank you for all the blessings you have.

Good day and God will bless you this Sunday.

May your praise rise, as the blessings come this Sunday.

Four Rs of .Rest, recover, refresh, and update.

May God bless you and your family this Sunday.

Blessed Sunday pray for you.

Sunday is a day to thank God for all His blessings last week.

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May this Sunday be blessed with a beautiful smile and the smile of family and friends.

Open your heart and eyes to all that you are blessed with this Sunday, be thankful!

The sun may not be shining this Sunday, but bless others by sharing the sun in your heart.

Don’t waste it so that you have a blessed Sunday and realize that this day will never happen again!

You bring joy and happiness to the people around you, you may have a blessed Sunday

You work hard for a week, so I hope this Sunday is a blessed day for you.

We may be miles apart.Blessings are sent to many smiles.

While you may be away .May you be blessed this Sunday.

Every time you meet someone – whoever it is – wherever it is, let your greeting be a blessing.

Your testimony can be a blessing and an inspiration to those who hear them. Your testimony can often help others bring faith, repentance, and salvation.

Life does not always get. It is a matter of being thankful for what you have as a blessing, of sharing those blessings with others who have a small part of what you have.

good day for all. I wish you all a beautiful and blessed Sunday.

We are safe, not because of the absence of danger, but because of the presence of God.

I wish you peace, happiness, hope, love and comfort today and always.

Be thankful today and think how rich you are. Your family is priceless, your time is gone, and your health is a fortune. .

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, they shall be satiated.

May the Lord bless you and keep you, and may the face of God shine upon you. be blessed.

I opened two gifts this morning. It was my eyes. Happy Sunday and a wonderful day. May you live a decent life, full of joy and good health, with a pocket of gold your least wealth! Read more:

The dreams you desire may be the ones that come true, and the kindness you show will return to you.

Blessed. We need to let our identity and not our insecurity be the first thing to walk into every situation we face and every decision we make.

May love, joy and laughter be with you every single day of the week! Blessed. May the blessings of God surround you and keep you safe today.

Have a happy Sunday. May God remind you that all if heaven is on your side. May God and your family have the richest blessing on you and your family today tomorrow and always! God stands by us when we are down, He sustains us when we think of giving up, and He guides us when we are in trouble. God, try to get rid of all the thoughts that are distracting from our minds today and always. May the grace, mercy, and peace of God be with you.

Sunday Blessing Messages

Nice Sunday morning to you! It is a wonderful day because it is the day the Lord has made. Rejoice and be glad when you smile in the sunshine. The day will be a blessing and a fruit for you. I pray that God’s love overwhelms you today and every day of your life. Have a wonderful day before God.

Good morning dear, welcome to another Sunday morning. Welcome to the start of a great week. It’s an amazing week full of great things, as you put it this week, all of your actions may be in line with God’s plan for your life. I pray for the peace and joy of the Lord over your life. What a great week ahead.

Good morning for you. I wish you all the best for another wonderful week, and wish you all the best. I pray it will be a week of witness and fertility. It’s going to be a week of great news, and I hope you enjoy the great things it has to offer. Have a lovely Sunday ahead.

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It is the Sabbath, the day the Lord created for rest and refreshment. I hope you spend most of your day in front of the Lord. I pray that the Lord will bless you abundantly this new week. Have a great stress-free week.

It’s Sunday, which means the beginning of a new week. Welcome you on this beautiful day and week. Live well yesterday and have a fresh opportunity to explore today, so make the most of today. As you departed today, I pray for the endless blessings and joys of your life. I pray that all your heart’s wishes will come true. Have a nice week.

A morning blessed to you. We usually praise and worship God at God’s House on Sunday mornings. Have a great time in front of the Lord. Today is the beginning of a new week, so I would like you to experience new things in your life. Have a great week.

Good morning it’s sunday I want to bless God for witnessing the beginning of a new week. I pray that this week will bring the dawn of goodness into our lives. This week is going to be great and may God reward all of our efforts. Have a nice week and a nice Sunday.

Best wishes for this Sunday morning. As you leave today, I pray that God will guide your step, shower you with infinite blessings, and grant all your heart’s desires. Have a week with too many success stories. Have a busy week.

It’s a wonderful Sunday morning because it is the Lord’s day. Enter his gate with Thanksgiving and his court with praise. I wish you a good day in the Lord’s presence. May all of your belated blessings and breakthroughs bring this new week to life. The Lord will fight your battles and pave a way for you where there seems to be no way. Have a nice and successful week.

Good morning, it’s Sunday. Let us have a wonderful time in God’s presence, for it is only by His grace that we live today. As Sunday ushers us into a new week, I pray that everything in your life will come all over again. May God’s blessings continue to rule your life. Have a nice and fulfilling week

Oh happy day, it’s Sabbath day and a day reserved for rest and refreshment. It is a day to be spent in the Lord’s presence, for in the Lord’s presence there is an abundance of joy. It is the first day of the week and I pray that it will bring you innumerable blessings and favors. Good morning and have a nice Sunday.

Have a wonderful Sunday morning for you. It is a beautiful and bright morning, and I pray that you will not miss out on all of the blessings that come with that day. Since Sunday is also the beginning of a new week, I pray for you that you will not work for free; I pray that the Lord will perfect all that concerns you and make your ways successful. Have a nice week ahead of us.

Good morning, dear, welcome to the first day of a new week and I wish you a peaceful and happy morning. May the peace of God that is beyond understanding embrace you. I wish you all the best for this Sunday. Have fun and make fun of yourself.

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning. Wake up and see the bright and beautiful day. It’s a day off and I hope your morning is worth it. I hope you start this lovely day with a smile. No matter what comes your way today, I wish you a nice day, good morning.

Good morning, it’s Sunday again. Start your day with joy, peace, and hope. I wish you all the best for this Sunday morning and the rest of the week. God’s greatest blessings await you as you enter this new week. In this new week, I pray that lines will fall for you in beautiful places. Have a great week ahead of us.

It’s a sweet sunny Sunday morning! The start of a new week. I pray that beauty will be around you not just for this beautiful morning, but for the rest of the week. This new week will fill your life with all the happiness you have ever wished for in life. Have a nice week ahead of us.

Perfect morning for you. Wake up to a wonderful morning filled with the blessings and favors of God. It is a Sunday morning that marks the start of a new week and I hope your week comes with a smile and happiness. Have a nice week ahead of us.

Another beautiful Sunday morning is here. Get up and make the most of it. Sunday ushers us into a new week, and I hope that from today everything about you will be new and sparkling. Blessed are you as you go out and come in, and I pray that the Lord will command your steps to thwart your enemy’s expectations. Have a wonderful Sunday morning and a wonderful week ahead of us.

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Good morning, it’s Sunday and an extraordinary day. I hope your day has many happy moments, laughter, fun and love. It’s the start of a new week to enjoy. Do it to the fullest as you await the blessings of God in your life this week. Have a beautiful Sunday!

It’s a Sunday morning again! A beautiful day made by the Lord. As a new week begins on Sunday, I pray for a new beginning in your life in this new week. I hope you succeed in everything you do. May God strengthen you and give you wisdom, knowledge and understanding for the whole week. Good morning and a nice Sunday.

Blessed Sunday Greetings

May this Sunday take you out of stress and all the bad things of the week so that you can start a new week with a fresh and happy mood. Have a nice day!

After a long week of work, there is finally a day of rest. Sit back, relax and have fun all day long. Have a nice and wonderful Sunday.

After a long week of work, there is finally a day of rest. Sit back, relax and have fun all day long. Have a nice and wonderful Sunday.

Sunday is a special day, unique in its own way, with lots of fun and enjoyment. May you have a wonderful Sunday so that you are energized for the week ahead.

Relax and unwind from the stress of the past week. Make lasting memories today. Let go of your hair and do something fun and exciting. Don’t let this beautiful day go to waste. Have a great Sunday!

Every Sunday Begins With Some ‘Hope’ But Every Sunday Ends With Some ‘Experience’ This Is Life. So Enjoy Sunday Every Day. Happy Sunday!!

Make the Decision To Enjoy This Sunday No Matter What Comes Up With You. Greet The Day With Joy Even If Your Blue Sky Turns Grey. Enjoy Life’s Little Blessings And Be Grateful For Another Day. Have a nice weekend!

Hope You Have Fun This Sunday. Overcome Your Worry, Dance And Sway, Take A Break And Make It A Truly Great Day. Happy Brilliant Sunday.

Life is like painting Draw a line with prayer Erase mistakes With REPENTANCE Dip the brush with lots of patience And Color it With Family LOVE.. Happy Sunday Morning..!! Have a blessed Sunday

The week is the golden buckle that ties together the volume of the week. Enjoy Sunday!

After A Nice Sunday Dinner, And An Ice Cream, Go Out To Enjoy The Day And Calm Your Mind. Get Ready For Next Week, Rest Well, and Happy Sunday.

Sunday, The Best Day To Have Fun With Your Friends And Family. Get Out And Enjoy Yourself. Take Rest And Shake Your Feet. Break the Rules And Energize Yourself. Wishing you an Amazing Sunday.

Before The Sun Rises Today Allow Me To Beautify Every Light With A Lot Of Serenity And Success To You And Your Loved Ones. Wishing you a Happy Sunday Morning.

Look Outside, The Sun Has Come Out. It Shines With All Its Glory And Dispels The Clouds. It’s a Beautiful Day To Put Your Feet Up And Relax. It’s The First Day Of The Week, So Enjoy It To The Fullest. Happy Sunday

A Day Free from Work. It’s a day to connect with your long lost friends. Please Call One Of Them And Make Them Feel Special. Do Something Different Today. Enjoy Your Sunday To The Fullest.

We Work Six Days A Week And Sunday Is The Day To Relax. Take Today As An Opportunity To Make Your Dreams Come True. Do One Thing That Makes You Really Happy. Wishing you the Best Sunday.

Sunday Is A Magic Day When You Can Do All The Procrastinated Work And Relax. Take Today As An Opportunity To Relieve From All The Anxieties In Life Happy Sunday.

Sunday Is Lazy Day. Sleep For An Extra Hour. Forget About Daily Work. Take The Easy Way Today And Sit Back And Relax. Happy Very Relaxing Sunday.

A New Day In A New Way With A Week On Its Way. It’s the best day to cheer you up and relieve your tension. I Hope You Have a Wonderful Sunday Ahead.

I hope you start your day on the right note and end it on the same note. Have a Very Good Sunday Morning And I Hope You Spend Every Moment Of The Day With Lots Of Happiness. Happy Sunday

Sunday is an inspiration to work. We work all week and then it’s finally Sunday. So make the most of this day and just make it the best so you are cheered up for the week. Have a beautiful Sunday.

I can live without all my luxuries on Sunday, but there is one thing I cannot exist and that is you. Have a good Sunday morning, my dear

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Hope this Sunday is a great start to your week. I hope it is filled with joy, peace, and all the treasures that you are looking for. I wish you a nice Sunday morning!

Make this Sunday a very lazy one. Go to bed late if you want and forget about household chores. Forget the fast lane and make yourself comfortable today. Have a nice Sunday!

I’m sending you some sunshine this Sunday in this short text message. Hoping it will brighten your day and relieve any stress. Take this sunshine that I am sending and put it in your heart. Have a nice Sunday!

Bible Verse

And my God will meet all your needs for His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.
James 1:17

Every good gift and every perfect gift comes from above and comes from the Father of Lights, in whom there is no change or shadow due to change.
Luke 6:38

Give and it will be given to you. Good measure, depressed, shaken together, run over, will be placed on your lap. Because with the measure you use, it will be measured back for you. ”
Numbers 6: 24-26

The lord bless you and take care of you; the Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord lifts up his face above you and gives you peace.
Isaiah 41:10

Do not be afraid for I am with you; Do not be dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will hold you with my just rights.
3 John 1: 2

Beloved on, I pray that all will be well with you and that you will be in good health as is your soul.
2 Corinthians 9: 8

And God is able to let all grace overflow you so that you can be satisfied in everything at all times and can overflow in every good work.
John 1:16

And from his fullness we have all received grace after grace.
Ephesians 1: 3

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who in Christ has blessed us with all spiritual blessings in the heavenly regions,Proverbs 16: 7

When a man pleases the Lord, he causes even his enemies to rest with him.
Philippians 4: 7

And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.
Matthew 6: 30-33

But if God so clothe the grass of the field, which to this day and to morrow is cast into the oven, shall he not much more clothe you, O ye of little faith? So don’t worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat? ‘Or’ What do we drink? ‘Or’ What do we wear? ‘ For the Gentiles seek all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them all. . But seek first God’s Kingdom, and his righteousness; and all these things will be given to you as well.
Philippians 2:13

For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure.
Malachi 3:10

Bring the full tithe into the warehouse, so that there will be food in my house. And I will try you, saith the LORD of hosts, if I will not open the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that ye shall not need it any more.
Ephesians 3:20

Biblical blessings are often associated with protection and happiness. God’s blessings are meant to protect us, guide us to the path of righteousness, and give us hope. Use these Bible verses to remind you of the many blessings you can claim to be a child of God! There is no need to fear the future when God’s hand is on your life.
Philippians 4:19


Sunday. A day to renew your soul and be thankful for your blessings. Take a deep breath and relax. Enjoy your family, friends, and a cup of coffee

Think for a moment. The fact that you are alive, breathing, having friends and family, your job is more than anything else. And remember to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning.

No matter how much you spend your Sunday, make sure you spend it doing what you enjoy doing, not what you do not. Remember, Sundays are as special as you.

Today, what is good for your soul, do it.

Even for a while, forget the pressures of life. Because we think too much, sometimes we tend to forget ourselves. Take care of yourself and go to places where you can free yourself from stress.

Sometimes we don’t understand the blessings we have until we have them. To enjoy all the blessings of your life, do not accept any as a gift.

Free your mind from worry, fear, pain and doubt. Go ahead and leave everything that feels stressful. Remember that we live only once. Don’t waste it. Choose to live happily!

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Don’t worry yesterday or last month. Today is a new day, so refresh your mind this morning. Be positive and start anew.

A well-spent Sunday brings a week of content.

Always think positively, and start today! It not only affects you, but also the people around you. When you start thinking positively, the people around you will be positive too.

Every morning you wake up to be thankful, grateful and appreciative of who you are, you have life, you are blessed and you are beautiful.

The best Sunday is not about small prayer but about great faith. Happy Sunday, friends.

It may not be your best day, but it sure is your best day, to live on, and hope for better days to come. Happy Sunday, friends.

May your week be bright. May this Sunday be the beginning of success for you. Happy Sunday, friends.

Another Sunday. I wish you the best today. Happy Sunday, friends.

I have always viewed Sunday as the torches that light up the other days of the week. May God give this Sunday a bright light that will illuminate your path. Happy Sunday, friends.

Smile, because today is Sunday. Leave no room for sadness. Seeing another Sunday is a great privilege. Make sure you enjoy every part of the day. Happy Sunday, friends.

Sundays come with many blessings. I pray that you don’t lose any of these blessings. Happy Sunday, friends.

Make gratitude your hobby, especially on Sundays. Every Sunday comes with a wonderful gift. Enjoy yours. Happy Sunday, friends.

I saw the door open. I saw the testimony coming in. I saw a miracle happen. I wish you the best Sunday ever. Happy Sunday, friends.

May your Sunday be as bright as the sun and your week as bright as the twinkling stars. Happy Sunday, friends.

It’s another Sunday, move in full force toward your goals. Never give room to despair. Happy Sunday, friends.

I wish you all a very beautiful Sunday. And a week’s blessing. Happy Sunday, friends.

Sunday is a gift for all of us. It’s not a mistake to see another Sunday, it’s a sign that heaven is happy with us. Happy Sunday, friends.

Sunday is a day off. I pray that you will rest and end all the wars in your life. Happy Sunday, friends.

May you begin to experience miracles around you. Happy Sunday, friends.

My prayer to you this Sunday is that you begin to excel. Next Sunday will be the day of testimony. Happy Sunday, friends.

Sunday is beautiful and attractive. The crown is worn on weekdays on Sundays. Sunday is a gift for humankind. Happy Sunday, friends.

It’s another Sunday. A day of laughter and beauty. Happy Sunday to your friends.

May your journey in life be smooth. May you walk to the great place. There is an epoch-making summon. Happy Sunday, friends.

The good Lord will give you light, brighten your way, and he will give way for you. Happy Sunday, friends.

Your light never fades and shines like the sun and stars. Shine the light at night like a full moon. Happy Sunday, friends.

You were born to be happy. There is nothing to rob you of your joy. Keep your joy. Happy Sunday, friends.

Your way should be smoothed. Mountains become lowlands and valleys are filled in. Have a good sunday friends.

I love you so much and have a nice Sunday. Have a good sunday friends.

It is up to you to shine, to show your light and to shine. Your days should be bright. Have a good sunday friends.

Your life’s work will never be in vain, you will have success beyond measure. Happy New Week and a Happy Sunday, friends.

From that moment on you will begin to move from fame to fame and the whole world will celebrate you. I pray that you will excel. Have a good sunday friends.

Hold on to what is right even if the majority do not accept your claim, speak the truth. It is the law of karma, good follows truth. Have a good sunday friends.

Life is a gift. Every year is a gift. Every month is a gift. Every week is a gift. Every day is a gift and the greatest gift of all, with days mentioned, is Sunday. It’s another Sunday I’m going to tell you to enjoy your greatest gift. Have a good sunday friends.

Cool Happy

Sunday is an honorable day. A day to worship the God who created the heaven and earth. Make sure you spend quality time in worshiping God today. Offer your petitions and watch them turn into witnesses. Get a beautiful Sunday experience.

Worship should be a way of life, our satisfaction with the God who gave us things without expecting anything in return. As we join other believers in the worship of God today, let us do so solemnly and with a thankful heart. May the peace and love of God dwell in our hearts and in our homes. Have a very enjoyable Sunday.

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Last week may not have turned out as expected. But hey! It’s Sunday. We have a light ahead of us. A whole week of endless opportunities ahead. Stay optimistic, stay positive. Have a lovely Sunday.

Bask in the renewed goodness that comes on Sunday. To be renewed for the coming week. May the sun bring warmth wherever you go. Have a very enjoyable Sunday.

Laughter looks better than frowns, giving is warmer than receiving, and love is more beautiful than hate. Add these qualities to your life, see your world become more beautiful. may God bless you

The things that make our souls worth risking are worth it. As you pursue your dream in the week ahead, you may not lose your credentials, you may find joy and satisfaction in all that you do. Have a peaceful Sunday.

May this Sunday warm your soul. May you enjoy the company of your family and friends. May your soul be nourished and your spirit renewed. Have a lovely Sunday.

Sunday refreshes the soul, unites families, and gives us hope for the blessings that lie ahead. Have a beautiful one.

Whiskey your prayers, shout them out loud … God hears them and sees your mercy. May you get succor in his presence today. Have a happy Sunday.

When your Sunday is full of joy, your week would be very happy. So make sure you have one that you like most.

Count your blessings and name them one after another. Don’t take any of them for granted. Living is a great blessing. Blessed Sunday.

Thank God for Sunday. If you had to work once a week and once a week without a Sunday break, how else can you get rejuvenation and refreshment? I have a great one.

Thank you for this beautiful Sunday morning and all the blessings that God has given us.

We are grateful for all of God’s endless mercy, God’s countless miracles, and God’s wonderful blessings. It feels really beautiful to be loved by this amazingly powerful god. Have a nice Sunday.

God’s wonderful power, which is God’s precedent, is enough to enjoy a worry-free, unquestionable, fearless Sunday. pleasant!

Sunday will help you prepare for a new start when faced with a new week. Make the most of you. Have a nice Sunday.

I don’t have time to worry yesterday. Every day is a new start. Think ahead! Look at the light. Everything should be. Have a beautiful Sunday.

Sleep all day, go on adventures, hug your loved ones … whatever makes you happy and relaxed. Have a peaceful Sunday.

If you were busy last week, Sunday is a natural rest day. Make sure you get enough of it and get fired again for last week. Have a nice Sunday.

May the rest we enjoy on Sunday pave the way for eternal rest after our earthly hardships. Have a nice Sunday.

It is a blessing to have a beautiful family to celebrate on Sunday. I’m so glad I don’t have to walk alone. Thanks for always being with me. Happy sunday.

When we look back at the blessings of the past week and how God kept us alive despite trying situations, we realize we have a lot to thank. May this Sunday find you with a grateful heart and a mouth full of praise. Do you have a beautiful one?

Be thankful, and never doubt that whatever you hope for will come to fruition. I wish you a blessed sunday.

May the Lord wrap his mighty arms around you and your family today. I wish you to enjoy his peace, love and joy. May your heart be filled with hope for the coming week. I wish you a beautiful sunday.

God loves us and never takes a break to take care of us. He always does the job of making us a father, even when we don’t deserve it. May you experience the richness of his love like never before today. Blessed Sunday.

Sunday Blessings Images With Prayer

Sunday blessings images

May the lord bless your day with his awesome presence and may he keep you in his tender loving care

Sunday blessings images

Fruly  my  soul waiteth upon God from him cometh my salvation

Sunday blessings images

From the fulness of his grace we have receive of blessing after another

Sunday Blessings
Sunday Blessings Good Morning

Have a beautiful day. Don’t forget to tell someone you love them

good morning sunday blessings

Smile because it’s good for your heart, lough because it’s good for your soul, love because keep it keep you living, bless because it’s blessed to be a blessings.


Start your Sunday off with some positive motivation with these happy Sunday blessings quotes. Whether you need an inspirational pick-me-up or just want to feel blessed, these quotes will do the trick. Enjoy your Sunday!

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